LEGO Baseplate

When you’re building your Lego creation, the first thing you’ll make is the base – it’s the one that keeps the structure together and serves as the foundation of your Lego creation. But building the base from scratch can be a bit of a hassle and complication in some cases. In that case, what you need is a Lego baseplate.

A Lego baseplate serves as a ready-built base for your Lego creations. It comes in different sizes, from 16x16 studs to a 32x32 studs baseplate. Lego baseplates are thin and can be stacked with your initial base for the structure. Most Legos come in a buildable set or in random blocks that you can build your own creation.

At A2zozMall, we sell baseplates that are compatible with Lego bricks to help you build your Lego creations and provide a sturdy foundation for your Lego building. We have a large Lego-compatible baseplate and a 32x32 studs baseplate for Lego. Our baseplates come in regular coloured 32x32 studs baseplates or customized baseplates that are city-themed Lego or rainforest-themed Lego.